Even in the Compartmentalization of Business, OSFMag Subscribes to the Feng Shui Way

In the personal life of OSFMag’s HBIC, the Feng Shui way is important.

So to keep OSFMag humble and our success spirit free, although digispace is not brick and mortar, we don’t feel Feng Shui can’t be practiced,¬†because as mentioned here, there is a place and space for every thing’s energies….for ebb and flow. If you position things properly, energy can flow as it should.

You see, in the days of old (70’s, 80s, 90s and into the beginning of the millennium), it was okay to self-brand. Now that our learned narcissism is very much apart of our lives and at the forefront of every move we make, self-branding is (firstly, way too ‘common’ and trite), and mostly-tends to be pretentious, assuming and self-centered than customer centered.

We, at OSFMag feel that if we take the focus off self centering, we can free up energy to serve our customers and readers-even in the digisphere

The OSFMag brand family (ToriSpilling.com, OtherSideoftheFame.com and SelfieStyleStories) purposely steered clear of “self”-branding. Only one of our iTeam members self-brand (via her podcast) “self” brands, but other than that, OSFMag brands itself-doesn’t subscribe to it.

It’s like we said here¬†

…(stay tuned)