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…the millions of site visitors and readers that populate all three sites of the OSFMag.com brand.


As it pertains your business/brand’s investment of your return on investment; here’s some surety wrapped up in a tad bit of a humble-brag: 

Along with the likes of Tony Robbins, our ToriSpilling worldwide news site brand is heavily on the radar of people, PR and beyond.

📈If you were late in the know about the whispers of brands not seeing the ROI of advertising dollars spent for your product or services, rest assured with OSF.Mag. We never played that social media numbers store-front fronting game without doing the work and research to know just what people want, need and look for online while passing time 24/7/365.

📈If your ROI’s not adding up with the online advertising dollars you’ve spent since the marriage of social media to the Internet and were one of the brands literally “buying” online “influencer” advertising based off social media likes, followers and friends (which too, can be bought), know that the shuck, jive, and buck stops here. We knew that in due time, that trend’s wool would be pulled from beneath-it so we kept doing the research and the real work!

📈That said, we are not here to bamboozle or Boo! you. Our online footprint is solid, of merit, well-earned and known among the worldwide web metric’s algorithmic reporting systems like Amazon owned Alexa.com and we work to continue that!

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📈Both, OtherSideoftheFame.com and ToriSpilling.com garners 25-80 mins site engagement time-that’s: Time that our site visitors live throughout the pages of our websites getting what they want or need to be enlightened, informed, and/or entertained! Our content gives our readers what they want and need.

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Not even the digital blog/news veterans that were established before us can humble brag ever having on record-that much site hang time combined with as low a bounce rate as the sites umbrella’d under the popular, provocative, reputation of the OSFMag empire!



We at OSFMag coined and brand ourselves chronic infopluggers 

We love news and information just as much as we love distributing it to our site readers and visitors just as much as we love them for their loyalty and patronage of us. And because we have expanded the OSFMag digi-brands far beyond our first-OtherSideoftheFame.com (2014) followed by the fast-growing ToriSpilling.com (2016), and SelfieStyleStories.com (2017); we needed digital space headquarters in order to display our online mag brands (in order to allow you to decided if, where, or how you would fit in).

That said, we just opened this OSFMag.com headquarters site end March 2017, and  (may we humble brag again?) …it (already), is fast becoming high ranking in Alexa site visitor hits and hangtime (in less the the 30 days it was opened).

So, as you can see, our readers are loyal. They pay attention. And ‘they be where we’re at.’

We honor that, value that, and work to continuously entertain them, empower them, and inform their varying, complex tastes and palettes.



Now let’s get down to business and brass-taxes:

The OSFMag digital brand is looking forward to continuously growing while sticking to our formula: blogging by informing, empowering while entertaining – providing news and information about all things of the world, and in the world from politics, to personal development and wellness-up to, and including pop and popular culture and beyond.

In between all that, your product(s), service(s) or brand(s) may be just the thing to suit our wonderful site visitor’s wanderlust, wants, needs and ‘need to know’!

Contact us at: advertising@osfmag.com

…to decide where YOU, YOUR BRAND(s), or BUSINESS would fit in.

To reiterate.

Again, we ask that you please surf and sample our digi-brands [for you] to decide proper placement for your brand’s product(s), service(s) or information.


Can’t decide right now?

Here’s the good news:

We’ll be here if, whenever you do decide.

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