Let’s face it.

Whether we want to accept it or not, it’s a fact that can’t be ignored: The online world is just as much a part of the world we know (and used to know offline-before the invention of the World Wide Web) but better.

Whereas old, analog life was governed by the FCC and sectioned off by local and syndicated means and regions-serving information to you by radio and television only; the Internet became the nucleus that conjoined all regions the world over.

What does that mean?

Digital became the dam and the bridge and brought the world together by phones, laptops/computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. Radio and television now has to play the Internet’s game and reside there (via websites).

Before social media, (via websites/www’s) the Internet gave way to a platform and enabled businesses, (radio and television) and brands to maintain their brick and mortar establishments digitally-but too- provide convenient access to their clients, patients and customers online (while enabling them to have reciprocal access to them).

In walked social media and the marriage of social media to the Internet began. This new way of socializing made it easier for people to do pretty much everything they needed to do and have with the touch of a button-all the while, being able to socialize online, in ways even greater than offline.

But while there are more people (with Internet access) online and with social media accounts, there aren’t nearly as many digital space brands, blogs and businesses that serve as television and radio online–broadcasting businesses and brand’s product(s) or service(s) to the millions socializing and treking across the Internet in search of information and being in the know about news, politics, popular culture and lifestyle.

That’s where OSFMag.com comes in!

OSFMag is a lifestyle, entertainment and news media digital infoplugger of products/brands and services the world wants, needs, and wants to know about while at home, or moving around and about.

While more people have social media accounts, not even a third of the billions of online/social media users run websites (online) to get to them-what they need to know [about] that’s going on in the real world, politics, entertainment and life and style. However, those billions of people the world over are in search for these necessities and a places to go on a regular basis (while online socializing or taking care of business on the Internet).

That is where the world of social media vs. online news  and website (like OSFMag)’s lines in the sand are verrrrrry distinct.  

The devil is in THESE details:

Post mid-millennium (mid 2000’s-post MySpace), when social media e.g Facebook, Twitter etc., took over, the common thread that brands and businesses ran with was that the more the followers, friends; the more social media users (celebs and even more Internet celebs) could market their products and services. More and more 2016-2017 to current) as brands and businesses are discovering the ROI (return on investments are turning in hardly any of the profit they paid to market their products and services), the (seemingly) transparent follower and friend count began to rear its ugly head and thorns: They can be bought-and are bought by celebrities and wanna-be celebrity and other notables, alike. get more twitter followers

Do you honestly think people (including celebs and other notables) are “earning” thousands upon millions of followers and friends? Nothing is more telling on one’s analog and brick and mortar (versus digital) thinking than thinking that followers is an ‘earned’ action. In the business (and branding) of digispace, it is a tale-tale sign that YOU. ARE. NOT. READY. for digital business-thinking every single followers is (and must be) ‘earned.’ No. You “secure” your following. You “EARN” your keep keeping and retaining them. The question is, can you do THAT? That’s what separates business from the mere busy-body. (And say this with me “Scandal” fast: The business (or brand) that has the CONSISTENT, VARYING, value and supply in demand earns their keep.

Don’t hate on the game. Securing followers in digispace is not exactly bad for business and is NO DIFFERENT than buying direct mail advertising in the real world. With regard to earning your keep keeping them, the problem is this (because the greatest percentage of those who DO follow and friend you aren’t necessarily there to be your literal customer)…This is key and digi-psychology behind it all and why investors and not getting lucrative ROI’s by thinking they can cut corners and pay social media users (and celebs) with large followings and friends to advertise for them) so come closer:

Image result for key gif imae

In the world of selfies, self-centeredness and survival of the ‘stand out,’ people are NOT online on social media (Twitter, IG, Facebook etc) to necessarily be sold anything and be CONSUMERS. People are online social media (Twitter, IG, Facebook etc). TO BE CONSUMED. 

While on social media, (via the sharing of word of mouth and word of mouse) social media users want to consume and be told and sold things separate from where they themselves are working to stand and sell themselves out 24/7/365. The best thing any product, service or business can do to get these things in front of these people separate from where the play and display. Via news and information websites (that provide all things on the world’s stage today: politics, pop and popular culture, lifestyle and entertainment), is the real MVP. Social media users want that tell me sell me tab pulled up elsewhere online-NOT in the way of where are seeking to stand out and be seen.

So while all that is seems ‘one in the same’ by way of providing a link and a click, ROI’s aren’t considering (and many know nothing about), digi-algorithms that grade sites all over the world/worldwide web and report to PR firms and brands, WHICH websites the millions (and social media users) are frequenting. It’s not always the one’s Justin Beiber or Kim Kardashian tweets.

OSFMag.com brand family’s OtherSideoftheFame.com and ToriSpilling.com can humble brag being scouted and algorithm’d for having “rhythm” in its website’s way and waves (pr.com list of top performing sites, list show of Alexa’s top domain list / x2 and here: url science.com Alexa top domain list)

Image result for key gif imaeAnother key: Social media users and online / Internet users, aren’t as interested (nor do they trust) social media users dropping random links the varying products or services. But they DO trust 1 brand or business that provides those things on a continuous basis and find comfort in knowing they don’t have to be forced to interrupt their regular scheduled agendas and “stand out sessions” to be bothered with a famous (or wanna be famous) person dropping various clickbaits. Facebook, Twitter, IG users etc. it.


OSFMag’s CEO’s (college) studies in psychology, philosophy and journalism served her well.

So, by way strategic social study, x (being a published writer and author); this is a perfect formula for the unmatched, inconspicuous blogvertising in the form of contenting writing and article indexing.

Worldwide, the OSFMag brand family gets it in front of their eyes, in their hearts, heads, minds, homes, hands and lives!