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  •  📌Your ‘Headlines & Articles Google’ 📰 Spilling: 📌Spiels, 📌Opinion & 📌Other’s News For Your ✘Information ✘Use ✘Entertainment

📷 The ToriSpilling shtick, premise, promise, and snapshot:

Our shtick: Whether they admit it or claim to loathe and pretend to be indifferent towards it, everybody (in America) loves celebrities and celebrity gossip. It’s as American as apple pie. The fan build up to (witness the) break down subconsciously is the way to cope with the scope of it. Thanks to real-time, social media; celebrities and fans alike, are obsessed with what’s being said and done in the world of pop culture and politics even now, more than ever. Regardless of how indifferent and unaffected they pretend to be-celebrities feel they need to know every single thing that is being said about them out in the public. is their pusher. From Donald Trump (whose Achilles Heel and kryptonite is the media) to all celebs, fans, and people in search of what’s going on in everything from pop culture to politics through technology to health and wellness; Tori Spilling is an example of simplicity winning without having to write one iota of anything salacious. All by way of simply indexing and categorizing articles published out in digispace (daily/24/7/365), Tori Spilling has the dauuuuuunting task of capturing these articles and listing these headlines for our readers to easily find [and refer back to]!

We’re just the messenger! Essentially, without getting our hands dirty, we are EVERYTHING from the gossip blog, to the wellness guru-all in one (see all of our categories and archives here)

Premise and promise: To provide our readers with relevant news and information of the day, week, month or that is indefinitely relevant and/of significant.

Snapshot: As major and minor news and blog sites write selective, limited content, and Google (who owns 80% of the search enginesphere) got ‘bougie’ by implementing strict, websphere algorithm changes (that websites have to adhere by-in order to be seen on these first and few page upon searching), Tori Spilling made things easier for you. By establishing relationships with some of the top, news suppliers with webcrawlers that scour the world wide web for all sites that press “send” to publish; our suppliers replenish us with top news stories from everything in entertainment to politics, pop culture to food and pickles. We then select from these articles and headlines-the most relevant and useful content and information for you to be sent to. We also categorize articles so that our readers can search through various headlines that give them what they want and/or need to know. So instead of “Googling” (by having to think of what to search in the land of relevant news and information for the day), is like your Google of relevant news and information without having to think search for it (or rely on the few, specific descending and disappearing news feeds that come and go on social media feeds). Although the category you search for is its own (and does contain a litany of articles about that particular category of your choosing) our additional shtick is listing other relevant news articles from varying categories of news that too, may be of interest or that you may need, or want to know.

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  •★★★★★ a Lifestyle and Opinion Blog Mag Making Sense of Sensation While Plugging In & Putting The Spotlight On Popular Culture and Stuff in Entertainment, Life, & Style

   📷 The premise, promise, snapshot and shtick:

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  • A different brand of social and media – Intertwining the typical SELFIE, the STYLE in them, and the STORIES behind ’em all!

📷 The premise, promise,snapshot and shtick:

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