What Do We Do At OSFMag Media Brand’s Headquarters Site

This OSFMag.com site is the headquarters for all the media blog sites under the OSFMag.com brand family (which are):

  • ToriSpilling.com  Your Headlines and Articles Google Without the Search – Directly Linking You to Relevant, Current Events & News For Your ✘Information ✘Use ✘Entertainment
  • SelfieStyleStories.com  …Art form, or adventurous, grandiose, or a great way to be present: SELFIE STYLE & STORIES site is a different brand of social and media: Intertwining the typical SELFIE, the STYLE in them, and the STORIES behind ’em all – love it or hate it, selfies is social media subculture and well…it’s got its news, goings on and happenings too!
  • OtherSideoftheFame.com  a LIFESTYLE and Opinion BLOG Making Sense of Sensation While Plugging In & Putting The Spotlight On POPULAR CULTURE and Stuff in ENTERTAINMENT, about LIFE, and on STYLE!


In addition to that reason, on this site headquarters site, we provide HONEST, REAL tips and strategies to website owners and aspiring [and supposed seasoned] bloggers needing REAL info to assist and motivate them to power up their own blogs and [back business of] site ownership with current and upcoming subject matters like:

What Ruins the ‘Business’ of Blogging”

“Social Media is not About Technology-It’s About Sociology and Psychology”

“The Blogging Game is Crowded, But Here’s Why You Don’t Have To Rush At Being First But Rather-The Best”

“Intrinsic/Internal and Extrinsic/External Forces Is Something You Have To Be In Control of Or You Will Be Controlled and Agonizing All The Time”

“You Are Not Ready For the Game of Entrepreneurship and Definitely Not the Monopoly if You Can’t Even Recognize When and That You Are Being Hustled Online”

“Why You Need To Know What Google Means to Your Website”

 “Why Blogging is the Atom of the Internet Atmosphere” etc.,

“To Engaging and Attracting with Work or Through Hype?

…Although we write up our own tips and strategies from our own experience and pass it on for free to whom I may concern, wants or needs it, additionally, we will be providing links to bloggers and other site owners that we feel may be useful to you!