What Is OSFMag to the Blogger, Digital Brand or Business (and You)?

What is OSFMag?

Firstly, OSFMag is the brand headquarters for news and information, lifestyle and entertainment, pop and popular culture blog mags:


As well, on site, we provide the latest digital-brand info and tools for bloggers, services for public people’s ‘people’ to be in the know, and devise content and infoplugging services to help plug in and power up website owner’s digital brands or businesses.

Regardless of the niche market you blog about, you need story leads conducive to your online brand or business. You need to know what’s out there, trending and circulating and too, what’s significant-so as to help you build a timeless body of work, website or portfolio that surpasses relevancy (for the moment) with significance (momentous).

Trends are all fun but like 15 minutes of fame, they descend. You don’t want your blog, website/online business to be a trend. You want is to ascend.

Take a look at Facebook and Twitter’s right side. Both social media websites are acutely aware that (more than just letting you be social) they need media (news)—news in the form of what’s trending and too, what’s significant. You need to do like they do. OSFMag can help you!Image result for the internet versus social media

Image result for the internet versus social mediaAs a blogger or website owner (of any other brand or business), for your (right side, left side, or footer) of blog or site itself, you need to focus on stories relevant to your niche or brand. You are not going to always find these useful pieces of information on the right side of Facebook or Twitter (or even on your television or radio).



That’s where OSFMag comes in.

Additionally, here at OSFMag we post the occasional blog about the business of blogging and its connection to social media and the Internet-so as to educate the novice, wanna be blogger and even the seasoned blogger who too, may not have an understanding of (and that) the Internet, and social media are two different technologies that simply married and gave birth to a world of people to play on it-affording all to have a leveled playing field in business, pleasure or otherwise. However, to understand and educate oneself about the Internet and social media provides leverage for bloggers (and website owners alike) who own domains on the worldwide web.

Here at OSFMag, whether you blog or not, we educate businesses and website owners about the importance of knowing that understanding the Internet as essential to www digibrand and business survival as, if social media infrastructures folded today, millions of people on it would be extinct and roll back into primitive obscurity and oblivion. The www domain holders of the world however, will still have life, still be searchable and still be able to do business, uninterrupted.

Image result for the internet versus social mediaThat’s power. Appreciate it. So you need to learn about it.

One thing about the Internet versus social media is that one was here before the other and gave life to the other, therefore, one can survive without the other but the other cannot survive without it. Social media is that other. It cannot survive without the Internet yet, the Internet (the websites, blogs, and the digital businesses on it) can continue to survive without social media as, (although not as immediate and swift as digital) grass root advertising, marketing, and word of mouth still manages to maintain its relevancy significance even in these digital times of analog old and word of mouse.

With understanding all that, it is imperative that digital businesses know the power of the Internet like they believe in “the power of social media.”Image result for the internet versus social media

So whether or not you own a website, blog or business on the worldwide web, if you use social media, or (in your personal life) take care of any business online via the Internet and you so much as given up on Blackberry in exchange for your smartphone, the DVR for VCR, Netflix and Hulu for the DVR, the rotary phone for a cordless phone or your smart phone is now your home phone, fax and cell phone in one, OSFMag is one blog that would be of interest to you, too.

Not quite a blog about technological devices or technology (only), OSFMag’s blogs are here to provide an even greater understanding of analog and brick and mortar life versus digital now being the new quality of life as we all continue to try and understand it, be apart of, get through it, and build and brand on it.

Warms regards, salutations, solidarity and good luck!