Advertising with OSFMag on either of its websites is something we can accommodate.


Whether your advertising needs be:

  • a listing (posted links of specified content from our site for our readers to your site)
  • (jpg.) graphic advertisement of your product business, service or project
  • a write-up crafted by OSFMag
  • your pre-written write-up promoted by OSFMag


…either way, we do ask that you explore ALL of our online mag brand sites for YOU to determine which one (or all) site/s is best suited for placement of your content.


Prices vary as, everyone’s advertising needs are different however, generally speaking, consider that we prefer to run 7-day campaigns (by which we’ll be posting our business as usual content + promoting that content 1-3 times per day on site and/or social media-depending).


Your post’s content would be included with each of those (1-3 drops per day for 7 consecutive days and/or social media-depending).


If (after visiting exploring all of our websites) and choosing which one (or all) sites you feel your content is best suited; we will then send you an invoice via our payment processing partners: PayPal.


Upon that (paid in full) invoice, from there, we will move forward beginning the day you choose to start the campaign.


If your campaign run’s need is less than 7 days for specific (consecutive or sporadic) days, we may be able to accommodate that (but we need you to specify that in your email ( on or the contact form below, please).


FYI: For quickest reference on which one (or all) sites your content would be best suited, simply check each site’s categories—that should tell you where your prospective content is best suited and too, that (it does or does not) suit the scope of the OSFMag brand and audience x your advertising needs. That would be for you to decide-after you explore each website. (Please do this before contacting us about advertising. It cuts down unnecessary communication and confusion and saves us both time).