As mentioned in our other blog lead service for bloggers/content creators and website owners (#OSFBlogBlastLead), you know, the OSFMag brand  is the king of blog site news and info.

Although this particular blog lead service (#OSFMagTellMe) offers you story leads for persons, places things and happenings (from 15 minutes through 3 months back – whereas #OSFBlogBlast offers you what’s trending and most circulated from 1-24 hours); what was mentioned in #OSFMagBlogBlastLead service still needs to be read (so you will know why you need one, the other, or both story lead services-ESPECIALLY if you are a blogger/content creator).

This (#OSFMagTellMe) service is for bloggers/content creators or people simply wanting to know stories out there about a particular person in popular culture, a particular thing (like “art”) or a particular happening (like a current or past event or situation that is or was out there).

In addition to celeb’s people needing to know what’s published and out there on them, people wanting to read keyword specific subjects, for bloggers wanting to get relevant, keyword and niche specific story leads #OSFMagTellMe is for you!. This service is for bloggers/content creators needing story leads centered around their niche market that they blog about. For this service, you would send us on a keyword search for relevant stories that may or may not be currently trending, most shared and circulating; but more importantly: stories that maintain significance in your blog portfolio (which matters at any time past a trend).

OSFMag will do a keyword search and give you all stories that we get a hit on.

Like for instance. Here’s and example: OSFMag is also building [what we promise to be] a monumental site new brand of social/media (site) called Although we haven’t launched and are under construction, the site is live. If you look in the far right corner corner (or scroll down-depending on what device you are logged in from), you will see a headliner that reads: “Selfie Stories in the News.” OSFMag did a keyword pull on the word “selfie.” As an example, we posted a few but there are tons of stories surrounding “selfie,” (and minute by minute-via our source) there will consistently and continuously be more. (Obviously, once the site officially launches and the stories behind our subject’s selfies get posted, we will match news and information relevant to these stories somewhere else on the site. That is why we mentioned here (and this is HOW)-as a site owner-has to do like Twitter and Facebook does).

At any rate. Whether we are searching a person, place, event, happening or thing, you will have news and information for your site about what (or whomever) you ask us to do a keyword hit on!.


Unlike the story leads from (#OSFBlogBlastLead), these story leads come from an entirely different pipeline source.

When we turn the greenlight on for this service, we are looking at providing you with a 5-story lead (minimum) to 15-story lead (maximum) per $50.00 (for story leads as recent as 15 minutes from being published back through publishing 3 months prior or beyond-whatever we get a hit on).

NOTE: Regardless if we get a hit on 5, 10 or 15 story leads-the price will still be $50 bucks.

That’s the gist for now.

Looking forward!

StayTuned #OSFMagTellMe