This service is for blogs that not only are clueless as what to blog about, but moreover, bloggers that need a frame of reference that is valuable and worth blogging about.

“Worth” blogging about is a combination of what’s circulating, what’s relevant (now) and what is, and will be significant (indefinitely) therefore, worth archiving. Heading over to 10 blog sites per day telling the same stories warmed over doesn’t cut the mustard for the blogger looking for leads on what to blog and wanting to stand out.

In order to put yourself at the forefront of the blogging digisphere, regardless your niche market, as a blogger-you need to know what is being blogged about but whether blogging it is because it is trending (relevant-for the moment), or significant (relevant forever/timeless).

OSFMag’s Blog Blast Lead service will provide you with those stories that are circulating across social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus to be exact)-what’s trending and what’s circulating most.

You need the method + materials to your madness to make it malleable and value, or you will continue to be mad about why your blog or site’s not poppin’

I don’t care WHAT kind of spiritual purpose or whatnot you have for blogging.

It doesn’t matter what kind of process or planning you have for the start of a new blog or that which to be implemented in your already existing blog or website. If you do not have VALUABLE, RELEVANT and/or SIGNIFICANT story leads to put you in control and CONFIDENT about what you should blog about + WHY and HOW it serves the algorithmic powers that be out here in the digisphere; you are blogging in the blind and that is why you are being left further and further behind.

As you know, the OSFMag brand  is the king of blog site news and info.

For this blog lead service, we are talks with our suppliers and pipelines.

In order to sell these leads to you, we will indeed have to purchase an ever larger package with my suppliers than the one we currently have with them now. But as far as what this will cost you, we are looking at a 5 story lead (minimum) to 15 story lead (maximum) per $50.00 for a 1 through 24 hours most shared + trending time the stories were published began trending, started circulating and getting shared.

NOTE: Regardless, whether it be 5, 10 or 15 story leads-the price will still be $50 bucks.

That’s the gist for now.

We look forward to putting the green light on being able to filter this info and deets to you!

Stay tuned #OSFMagBlogBlastLead